All Parish Council meetings are held at Bradworthy Primary Academy from 7:30 pm. Parishioners are welcome to speak at the meetings for short periods by prior arrangement with the Clerk.

The meeting dates for 2020 are:

15th January, 2020 - Agenda

18th March, 2020 - Agenda

27th April, 2020 - Teleconference Agenda

20th May, 2020 - Teleconference Agenda

The Parish Council has received confirmation from the National Association of Local Councils (NALC) that due to the coronavirus epidemic, it is not necessary to hold an Annual Parish Council Meeting in 2020. Confirmation has also been given by the NALC that the Annual Parish Council Meeting (AGM) can be postponed until May 2021. At the Parish Council meeting by teleconference on 27 April 2020, Councillors agreed to postpone the AGM until May 2021.

15th July, 2020

16th September, 2020

18th November, 2020

The meeting dates for 2018 and 2019 were:

23rd January, 2019 - Agenda

20th March, 2019 - Agenda

22nd May, 2019 (Annual Parish Meeting)

- Agenda, APM Agenda

17th July, 2019 - Agenda

18th September, 2019 - Agenda

20th November, 2019 - Agenda

24th January, 2018 - Agenda

21st February, 2018 - Agenda

20th March, 2018 - Agenda

23rd May, 2018 (Annual Parish Meeting)

APM Agenda, APM Minutes 2017, Agenda

25th July, 2018 (to be held at Parkham Methodist Church Schoolroom, Chapel Road, Parkham) - Agenda

26th September, 2018 - Agenda

28th November, 2018 - Agenda