Welcome to the new Putford website! Our aim is to provide everyone living in East Putford, West Putford and Colscott with useful and interesting information. If it is neither of these, let us know!

Putford Post Update

The Putford Post Committee has reluctantly decided to stop producing an electronic version of the Putford Post. There will not now be either a printed or electronic version.

Instead, the Putford Facebook page will be promoted more strongly as a tool for everyone in the community to contribute to. The website will also continue to grow and will become a source of longer term information for local people.

Although it is recognised that this change is not ideal for everyone, the lack of items specific to Putford no longer makes the Putford Post viable. This change will make the best use of the resources available and have the advantage of being able to spread important news more quickly. If you would like to help or contribute to this change, please contact us at putfordparish@outlook.com.

For contributions and comments please email putfordparish@outlook.com