Broadband update - January 2020

Airband wireless broadband: This service is now live in the area. However, we understand that coverage is patchy. You can get more details and book a survey at

4G wireless broadband: Most of the main mobile phone providers offer 4G wireless broadband. At the time of writing there has been good experience of EE, Vodaphone and O2 in the area. The service is generally a little more expensive than Airband, but setup costs can be less. More details can be found on the relevant mobile company website.

Fibre broadband: For those properties that cannot get a wireless service, fibre broadband could be an option. Local discussions began with Openreach in November, 2018 to see if fibre broadband could be delivered to around 200 properties using the government's Gigabit Voucher Scheme. Progress was frustratingly slow and the project has now been abandoned. However, the government's attitude towards broadband and related incentives change regularly and we will keep this under review. If you come across a new scheme, please let us know via email or on the Putford Post Facebook page.

Myles Thomas, Andree Carter and Richard Atkin